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Did you arrive from #fc? Take the time to read the rules. If you received a ban, you'll need to wait it out. Please remember to stay chill.

The Fantastic Contraption chat room (what we call #FC) can be accessed at http://fantasticcontraption.com/chat. Fellow Fantastic Contraption players can use it to come together and discuss the game, contests, or just "chill."


[edit] Rules

  • Chill.

"But that's not fair!", I hear you saying. "'Chill' is relative!"

Yes, yes it is.

But here are some things that are universally un-chill:

  • Spamming the channel
  • Hurtful posts such as racism or posting of obscene URLs
  • Making a bunch of rules that people have to follow

Just remember that we have children of all ages, as well as grandparents in the chatroom at times. We want to be Chill and friendly to everyone.

[edit] How we enforce the rules

All of the room/channel moderators have the power to judge what is Chill/Not Chill for the situation. They have been made channel moderators because we all trust their judgment, and without them the chatroom would quickly decay into chaos.

Moderators will typically warn you verbally, kick you out of the channel, temporarily ban you from the channel, then finally permanently ban you from the channel if you're being incredibly unchill. Not necessarily in that order, so play nice!

[edit] Frequently asked questions

[edit] I can't say anything!

That is because your name in the chat starts with "mib_". You need to change it in order to talk. Type /nick your_new_name to change your name.

Or, if your name does not start with "mib_", that means that #fc has "moderated" mode on, meaning only people granted with speech rights can talk. This usually happens when things start getting chaotic or out of control, and does not last too long.

[edit] Who is ChanServ?

ChanServ is a computer "bot." He is a program that is run by the IRC network to keep track of channels (rooms), making sure that the right people get the right permissions (see the symbols question below).

[edit] Who is Evil_Jerry? Why do people say "ej _____"?

Like ChanServ, Evil_Jerry is another computer bot. However, unlike ChanServ, it's run by one of your fellow players in order to help enforce the chat rules (and do some other things).

[edit] What are the symbols by people's names?

Symbols will differ and depend on the IRC client used, but most try to adhere to these standards:

  • & means that the user is a channel administrator. These people can change various properties of the channel and can moderate the channel.
  • @ means that the user is a channel operator. These people can moderate the channel.
  • % means that the user is a channel operator. These people can moderate the channel too, but they can do less than people with @.
  • + means that the person has voice. It is possible for normal people who have been around #fc for a while and follow the rules to get this. If #fc has something called "moderated" mode on, that means only people with a +, %, @, or & can talk.

[edit] How do I get those symbols/permissions?

They are by invitation-only and at the best judgement of those that already have the permissions. Pro tip: it is usually detrimental to ask for it. :)

[edit] How do I change my name in the chat?

Type /nick your_new_name to change your name.

[edit] How do I type in purple?

You can write your messages so that they appear as an action that you are performing. Just prefix your message with /me to do this.

[edit] Why is nobody talking?

Not everyone is talking all the time in IRC channels. It is normal for many people to stay in an IRC chat room even if they aren't actually there (that's just how IRC goes). If the room is silent, try starting a conversation!

[edit] Who made the chat?

That's a complex question!

  • We use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to host our chatroom, which was invented by Jarkko Oikarinen in August 1988 (completely unrelated to Fantastic Contraption). See the wikipedia article for more information on what exactly it is.
  • IRC requires a server to connect to. We choose to connect to ColdFront, an IRC network first setup by the Stratics website (completely unrelated to Fantastic Contraption). The reason Coldfront was chosen over the many other available IRC networks is simply coincedence and convenience.
  • Your computer requires software to connect to the IRC Network. As most people won't have anything installed on their machines, we use the web-based application "Mibbit" (completely unrelated to Fantastic Contraption) on our website. Though an excellently written web app that contains more features than some of the standalone counterparts, some people may prefer to use downloadable IRC software instead.
  • The #FC chatroom was originally requested and founded by Fantastic Contraption fans (completely unrelated to Fantastic Contraption administration). For sake of fair management, weasel was given "Owner" status and to this day retains the highest level security rights for the chatroom, but most management is performed by and carried out by the fans themselves.

[edit] Where can I download an IRC client?

These are safe from viruses and spyware.

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