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Fantastic Scoring Method

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The Fantastic Scoring Method is a forum-competition scoring style that tries to promote all contraption types equally.

Of course, each competition scoring method is mostly at the whim of the levels designed for it, but perhaps this new Fantastic scoring system will encourage people to make more varied levels, open to each badge type.

The FSM is undecided and in beta right now. Feel free to use the "Discuss" tab or edit this document if you feel you have something to add!

Concept 1: Do away with the score for using objects. The reward of getting a badge should be enough, and there are enough varied badges now to encourage leaner designs anyway.

Concept 2: Badges that are likely to replace other badges should end up getting more points. For example: Solved is very easy to get in conjunction with other badges, so it should get the least amount of points (0 for instance). On the other hand, Badgeless means you can't possibly get the other badges, so it should hand out the most points.

Concept 3: Let's ditch the negative points altogether and do a standard higher-score-is-better model.

Concept 4: We are trying to encourage designing of more levels so all the point values should be relatively close together. If the HandsOff badge gets a rediculously low score (say +1) and Sweep gets something high (+50) nobody will make a level where HandsOff is important. The degree of seperation shouldn't be much more than +/- 5 (distance of 10)

First draft proposal of badges in order of importance/score value:

  • Solved +0
  • HandsOff +1
  • Clean +2
  • Boomerang +3
  • Champ +4
  • Green +5
    • Brown +2 (cumulative with above)
      • Water +3 (cumulative with above)
  • Rodless +8
  • Sweep +9
  • Badgeless +9

Descriptions of all of these badges can be found here

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