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List of frequently asked questions

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Account / Payment

How much is the game?

The PC Version of the game allows you to play 42 free levels, but to access the level editor, user-created levels, and the full musical score you must pay $10. The iPhone version of the game has no free variant, but the full feature set is available for $5.

Is the paid version a downloadable game?

The PC version of this game is a web-browser flash-only application with no downloadable copy. Once you purchase an account it will unlock more features for you to play with. The iPhone version of the game is an executable download however.

Can I play offline?

The PC version relies heavily on online content and will not function properly if you are offline. You will be able to play the first 21 levels, but no online content or saving will function. There may be a few other glitches as well.

The iPhone version was designed to be played offline and has better integration of online/offline status switches.

I paid, but I'm still unregistered

The game automatically registers you as soon as Paypal notifies Fantastic Contraption of the payment. Normally, this process is instant, but occasionally, problems may delay the process up to several hours. After waiting for a few hours and finding yourself still unregistered, forward your PayPal receipt to sales@fantasticcontraption.com and weasel will manually activate your account.

People with non-standard characters in their names (non-alphanumeric characters especially) may require manual activation as well (it's a known bug).

I don't have PayPal

Paypal does allow transfer to and from bank accounts in many countries (without a credit card) and also allows transfers from friends or other sources. However, if you don't have a bank account either, then you will just have to ask someone you know.

There are currently no plans to add any other forms of payment.

Account access reverts to unpaid

The most frequent cause to a reverted account is an error in the database and requires a manual reset (please email sales@fantasticcontraption.com). However, your account may also be canceled due to a problem with your payment (check your Paypal history) or you may have a corrupted set of temporary files in your browser. Try clearing all temporary data and cookies and restarting your computer first.

Is the game available for other platforms?

The game is not officially available for play or sale on any other platforms than the PC and the iPhone currently, though this may change in the future. Pocket PC users can use the Skyfire web browser to play the game with some success. Otherwise, your device must have Flash 9 or above. Many devices with Flash either have a low-end version of Flash or have version 7, but it doesn't hurt to try.

At this time, the Flash version of the game is not known to work on the Wii or DS web browsers as they all use older versions of the Flash player. iPhone users can not play Fantastic Contraption in Safari, the web browsing application, because of the lack of Flash.

I forgot my username

You can email sales@fantasticcontraption.com for help.

My email address starts with numbers and I can't register

It's a known problem that email addresses cannot start with numbers. There is no workaround at the moment except to use a different address.

Bugs and Problems

When I try to save, it freezes or I get a designId=0 URL

This usually is because your computer could not connect to the Fantastic Server. This could be because of an error or Network Outage at the server-side, or it could be a temporary loss of internet on the user's side. Check the Fantastic Forum to see if any news has been announced.

You can actually press the Save link again and the game will re-attempt to save your design or level (although it won't report anything or show a visual confirmation of the save button being pressed). If you get a URL where the designID equals 0, you need to re-attempt saving.

Once I've added many parts, I can't add anymore

There is currently a technical 120-piece limit for all designs and levels. It's an overall limit, so level objects will also count. If you find a level that uses too many pieces (and thus won't allow you to create spectacular creations), you should vote it down using the included voting tools.

The game doesn't remember what levels I have completed

The game uses Flash cookies to store information about what levels you have completed. You need to make sure that it is enabled for fantasticcontraption.com. Right click the game, choose Settings, click the tab with the folder icon, and move the slider until it says 100 KB on the right. Click Close.

I don't see a victory screen

The game requires that Flash cookies are enabled. You need to make sure that it is enabled for fantasticcontraption.com. Right click the game, choose Settings, click the tab with the folder icon, and move the slider until it says 100 KB on the right. Click Close.

However, if Flash cookies are enabled and you followed the steps above, make sure that the goal objects are wholely within the goal. The borders do not count.

When I login, it doesn't say that I have completed the levels

That information is stored only on the current computer. It isn't stored on your own account, and so it won't follow you. However, if you watch other people's (or your own) completed designs for the free levels, the game will note that you have completed the level on that particular computer.

When I watch other people's designs, it thinks I have completed the levels

This is a minor bug in the game. You will just have to remember which levels you have completed and which ones you have not. You might want to try beating the level before looking at solutions.

I've found a physics glitch

The game has several well-known physics glitches and physics nonconformism.

Why don't my yellow and purple wheels rotate?

Clockwise wheels and counter-clockwise wheels will only spin if something is connected to their center joints.

Why don't my designs appear in the list of solutions?

You need to publish your designs after you have saved them. To do this, return to the main game screen, click My Designs, and click the upward-pointing arrow beside the design that you wish to publish.


What are the keyboard and mouse shortcuts?

  • W (clockwise wheel)
  • C (counter-clockwise wheel)
  • U (unpowered wheel)
  • R (water rod)
  • S (solid wood rod)
  • SHIFT+click (move an object)
  • CTRL+click or COMMAND+click (delete an object)
  • SPACE (start/stop the simulation)
  • T (show tick counter)
  • Scroll wheel (zoom in/out)
  • "I" (zoom in) "O" (zoom out)
  • Arrow keys (pan around)

Hovering over the buttons in the toolbar will show the keyboard shortcuts.

See also Game interface.

How do ratings work?

Ratings are contributed by users. When you are logged in, you can click on the rating bar for any design or level. Ratings are not weighted. Quality ratings start at 3 and difficulty ratings start at 0.

Can the goal objects be moved?

As long as the goal objects are wholely within the workshop, you can move them.

There is a physics glitch that allows the user to move the goal piece to anywhere in the arena if the goal piece is not fully in the workshop. See Four Balls, where the second ball may be picked up by the right-hand joint. If placed within the workshop, it may be moved around within the workshop. If placed outside the workshop, it may not be moved again. Usually moving such a goal object to within the workshop is permitted.

How can I list my design in the list of solutions?

You need to publish your design. Go to My Designs and click the up arrow for each design that you wish to publish. Designs can be unpublished at any time by pressing the up arrow with a cross superimposed. However, anyone will still be able to view the design if they know its URL.

How do I clear the information on what levels I have completed?

Windows users can use a batch script for that.

Is it possible to move an entire contraption?

Yes, but you must click in the right place. Try to click on a contraption away from a joint, such as in the middle of a rod or next to the middle joint of a wheel.

What are free bonus levels?

Bonus levels are remnants of the old beta stage that the game was going through. They are unofficial levels that free players can play. Some are easy, others are repeats of now-official levels, and others are relatively hard.

Is there a sandbox level for free users?

Yes, you can use Bonus SX.


Are there any rules regarding submissions?

There are no official rules, but do not submit designs or levels with offensive content. This can result in a ban and loss of your account with no prior notice (it has happened). Posting sexually-explicit content is also not recommended.

I'd like to report a design or level

There's no mechanism to report a design or level, but you can always rate it down as low as possible.

Level editing

How do I create a level?

You need to have purchased the game in order to create levels. Levels can be created by clicking the New Level button on the main game screen. The background of the level editor should be yellow. On objects in the level editor (except the workshop and goal areas), there will be three colored squares in three corners of the objects. Clicking the red square will delete the object; dragging the yellow square will resize the object from its center; and dragging the blue square will allow you to rotate the object. Remember to include at least one goal object, and to use as few pieces as possible (due to an overall 120-piece limit).

How do I edit an existing level?

In the URL to play a level, change levelId in the URL to editID and visit it in your browser.

For example, you might find a URL like:


To edit that particular level, you would change the URL to:


How can I rename a level?

You must re-save the level to change its name.

Why don't my levels appear in the list of levels?

You need to publish your levels after you have saved them. To do this, return to the main game screen, click My Levels, and click the upward-pointing arrow beside the levels that you wish to publish.

How do I make really small balls and things?

Check out the WebFCML editor. It's a fan-made editor that lets you create smaller things, but it's a bit more complicated to use.

There is a tutorial you can read, in addition to the help guide.

How do I make a smaller goal area?

Check out the WebFCML editor. It's a fan-made editor that lets you create smaller things, but it's a bit more complicated to use.

There is a tutorial you can read, in addition to the help guide.

How do I get unpowered wheels into my level?

Edit Reach Up which already has two unpowered wheels.

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