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Mind The Gap

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Mind The Gap
Level Screenshot.
Previous level: Reach Up
Next level: Junkyard

Mind The Gap is the third free level. The level features a gap in the terrain between the workshop and the goal. Internally, its level ID is 16. Play.


[edit] History

This level was created by pacifist late in the beta period of the game, on April 22nd, 2008. Positioned as the third level, it was designed to introduce budding contraptioneers to larger gaps. Since the level's conception, it has stayed in its spot as level three.

[edit] Level statistics

Build areas Goal areas Static rectangles Static circles Dynamic rectangles Dynamic circles Goal rectangles Goal circles Total
Image:Start_area.png = 1 Image:Goal_area.png = 1 Image:Static_rect.png = 3 Image:Static_circle.png = 6 Image:Dynamic_rect.png = 0 Image:Dynamic_circle.png = 0 Image:Goal_rect.png = 0 Image:Goal_circle.png = 1 12

[edit] Designs & badges

The following badges are the state of the art (Items/Ticks Author):

Mind The Gap Solved Green Brown Water Rodless
2/59 Dean-o!
83/15 Meconopsis!

2/319 Bonavitap
3/124 Meconopsis
2/106 Meconopsis!
4/60 Meconopsis
1/85 Waffle!
4/314 Skips
3/130 redreoicy!
6/304 CoCoN_16
88/53 rianbay812
3/72 Setzke!
Champion 2/50 flagitious
4/98 Meconopsis
5/110 Meconopsis
7/104 Meconopsis

4/174 redreoicy!

2/563 WizBang!
4/149 WizBang
5/189 onilink106!
3/277 WizBang!
4/344 Meconopsis
2/100 DoktorQ
3/60 Liam629
4/235 WizBang!
3/84 Skips
72/246 Meconopsis
6/168 WizBang !  ?
84/15 gushen
4/204 chris4a4!
5/242 chris4a4
4/243 Meconopsis!
5/217 Meconopsis!
6/274 Skips
9/98 Meconopsis
9/114 DMarden117  ?
8/72 DMarden117 11/481 zedifo! !  ?
Infinite 4/390 Bonavitap!
5/206 azraelite x6
7/618 WizBang
8/662 joeysjj!

An arrow means that an entry in the direction pointed to also fulfils this entry. Ordered by number of items then by number of ticks. A "?" means a solution has not yet been found. A means a solution is not possible. "" is an Infinite Boomerang which oscillates Champion / Boomerang for 20 cycles or more, if less than 20 then affixed with "x2" etc. is Badgeless. Sweep and Lightning are not relevant to this level. Pilot , Unconnected and Hands-off are additionally listed within a cell. Selected extra information is included by hovering over any trailing "!".

[edit] Other challenges

ken75's slow solution just as the mechanism activates.
ken75's slow solution just as the mechanism activates.
  • Fastest solution: 15 ticks, 84/15 gushen
  • Slowest solution that does eventually achieve victory: 796,247 ticks (7.4 hours), 32/796247 ken75
  • Fewest pieces: 1 piece, 1/96 Metallic Dragon
  • Fast but simple, (the fastest designs for the fewest to fewest+4 piece designs):
  • Best Magnum score (pieces x ticks): 75, 3/25 Linkzcap!
  • Solve the remaining "?" entries or prove them impossible.
  • Improve on the solutions already listed above, either in number of pieces or in number of ticks for the same number of pieces.
  • Produce Pilot and/or Unconnected and/or Hands-off solutions where there is no entry in the table above.

[edit] Fantastic contraptions

The following designs are "interesting":

[edit] Ex-SOTA

The following designs were, once upon a time, state of the art. They have since been improved.

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