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Reach Up

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Reach Up
Level Screenshot.
Previous level: Rolling Away
Next level: Mind The Gap

Reach Up is the second free level. A hint suggesting the use of triangles is provided in the form of a 2 wheeled 3 rod buggy. Most designs delete this and start from just the goal object. The right end of the ground is a slightly oversized circle resulting in a ground bump; this may be useful for certain unpowered designs which require a wheel to go and then come back. Internally, its level ID is 55. Play.


[edit] Level statistics

Build areas Goal areas Static rectangles Static circles Dynamic rectangles Dynamic circles Goal rectangles Goal circles Total
Image:Start_area.png = 1 Image:Goal_area.png = 1 Image:Static_rect.png = 6 Image:Static_circle.png = 2 Image:Dynamic_rect.png = 0 Image:Dynamic_circle.png = 0 Image:Goal_rect.png = 1 Image:Goal_circle.png = 0 11

[edit] Designs & badges

The following badges are the state of the art (Items/Ticks Author):

Reach Up Solved Green Brown Water Rodless
2/31 Linkzcap!
43/12 brevven!

2/99 chris4a4, rabid squirrel
1/92 NightStryke!
2/131 redreoicy
Clean 2/37 Linkzcap!
2/67 Meconopsis!
2/72 Meconopsis!
3/37 Meconopsis
3/101 MrZNF
4/132 redreoicy
3/208 rabid squirrel
3/1291 WizBang
7/66 DMarden117!
Champion 12/545 Feste 3/79 WizBang
4/77 Skips
11/38 Meconopsis!
3/271 GreenTime
4/139 mocha306
! ! ! ! !
76/11 Bonavitap
3/75 WizBang 4/65 flagitious
5/73 redreoicy!
3/75 MrZNF 9/65 Skips  ?  ?

5/2318 JHawk4!
11/281 Meconopsis!

15/165 onilink106! x2 15/531 Wafflekins  ?

An arrow means that an entry in the direction pointed to also fulfils this entry. Ordered by number of items then by number of ticks. A "?" means a solution has not yet been found. A means a solution is not possible. "" is an Infinite Boomerang which oscillates Champion / Boomerang for 20 cycles or more, if less than 20 then affixed with "x2" etc. Sweep and Lightning are not relevant to this level. Pilot , Unconnected and Hands-off are additionally listed within a cell. Selected extra information is included by hovering over any trailing "!".

[edit] Other challenges

  • Fastest solution: 11 ticks, 76/11 Bonavitap
  • Slowest solution that does eventually achieve victory: 33,607,114 ticks, 12/33607114 mtdewd!. This is also the slowest solution ever, lasting almost 13 days!
  • Fewest pieces: 1 piece, 1/120 NightStryke
  • Fast but simple, (the fastest designs for the fewest to fewest+4 piece designs):
  • Best Magnum score (pieces x ticks): 62, 2/31 Linkzcap!
  • Solve the remaining "?" entries or prove them impossible.
  • Improve on the solutions already listed above, either in number of pieces or in number of ticks for the same number of pieces.
  • Produce Pilot and/or Unconnected and/or Hands-off solutions where there is no entry in the table above.
  • Produce a (set of) designs that incorporate the level's 3-rod-2-wheel-buggy as a sensible part of the design.

[edit] Fantastic contraptions

Identify static elements.
Identify static elements.

The following designs are "interesting":

[edit] Ex-SOTA

The following designs were, once upon a time, state of the art. They have since been improved.

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